Live your cooking passion!  As an enthusiastic, talented and well-rounded foodie, you love cooking for people who are as excited about food as you are.  Share and grow your passion with people who appreciate what you do to help improve their lives.  Below are many of the benefits of being a FreshCooks Chef:

  • Wide variety of clients As a FreshCooks Chef, many of your clients will love the benefits of the work you do.  You enjoy meeting a range of unique personalities and working for clients from all walks of life.  Whether they’re in the house when you’re cooking for them or arriving home after you have left, your ability to form and maintain client relationships will determine your success.
  • Extensive selection of recipes – FreshCooks clients tend to like variety in their meals and appreciate a varied selection of home-prepared food.  You welcome the challenge of cooking a wide variety of cuisine, satisfying clients as they choose from a large selection of recipes.
  • Unique environments Like your clients, every kitchen has its own character.  However, new or old, small or large, for you each kitchen is a source of delicious cuisine that may even test your abilities!
  • Wide range of services – For our clients’ convenience, your services can be something other than just standard meal preparation.  We encourage clients to use our services for everything from a dinner party or special occasion to Seniors’ menus, which are shorter in duration.
  • Be your own boss – For most business owners, start-up and inventory costs as well as many other initial expenses can take a big bite out of scarce starting capital and often prevents many businesses from getting off the ground.  Ongoing costs such as commercial leases, utilities, employees, marketing and other overhead can make being profitable extremely challenging.  With FreshCooks, your initial outlay is small and your ability to begin generating revenue is immediate.  In addition, being a self-employed FreshCooks Chef enables significant financial advantages such as the ability to deduct numerous business-related expenses, providing you substantial tax savings.
  • Flexible schedule – Tired of working nights and/or weekends in the restaurant industry?  Do you have a regular 9 to 5 full-time job and are looking to supplement your income?  You choose your degree of flexibility and our Scheduling System will match you up with clients with similar timing.  Do you want to work one day a week or prefer three appointments a day, seven days a week?  We can make that happen.

FreshCooks offers service to clients seven days a week, with bookings starting from 7 a.m.  until 7 p.m. (ending no later than 11 p.m.).  As a FreshCooks Chef, you choose when you want to be available and enter your availability into our Scheduling System.

  • Helping you build your own business – We provide numerous on-line marketing and support tools to assist you in growing your business immediately.
  • Easy-to-use on-line accounting system – Establishing a payment tracking and collection system can be a daunting task, particularly as a small business starts to expand and administrative time becomes increasingly scarce.  We reduce the time you spend on administrative work by eliminating for you all invoicing and payments for your services.  We do this so you don’t have to!  We also provide you with a completed record of your bookings and send you payment for the work you’ve done.  You’ll be given guidance on how to use our On-line Accounting System.
  • Flexible Scheduling System – This easy to use system is integrated with the Accounting System to provide you with quick, convenient booking management.  By entering your available dates and times, your schedule will be opened for bookings accessible by all FreshCooks clients, giving you maximum exposure across the zone(s) that you’ve chosen to be available.
  • Uniform Like you, we believe that looking professional is important in your clients’ eyes, which is why we have designed an attractive and functional uniform for you to wear to all of your appointments.
  • Many incentives We provide you with numerous incentives based on your number of appointments and client satisfaction ratings.  By reaching sales goals and client satisfaction scores, you can achieve milestones quickly.

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You’re invited to check out the many supports we offer our chefs as well as a full job description.  If you’re interested in becoming a FreshCooks Chef, please take a few minutes and fill out our FreshCooks on-line application.
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