Job Description

In your role as a FreshCooks Personal Chef you’re responsible for:

  • Scheduling and serving the client expertly – Our primary focus is client satisfaction and it’s the foundation on which we operate.  We only select individuals who agree with and support our client-first philosophy, have great multi-tasking ability and are professional, organized and clean.  As a representative of FreshCooks, you are responsible for maintaining our high standards and ensuring that clients are satisfied with the service that we provide.
  • Managing client appointments – Making and keeping client appointments is an essential element of our client-first philosophy.  We need all chefs to be reliable, responsible individuals who are punctual and have good communication skills.  If an emergency does come up and you’re not able to make an appointment, we need you to work with the Executive Chef to ensure the client is minimally affected.
  • Following FreshCooks recipes, policies and procedures – While the client arranges to have the ingredients purchased and available for you, we need you to follow their instructions and our FreshCooks procedures closely so that our clients get what they ask for, each and every time.  With food allergies, or even client preferences, it’s vital that you’re able to follow their instructions and the recipe directions exactly.
  • Cleaning up to ensure the kitchen is the same as when you arrived – The job you do cleaning up the food preparation areas and appliances you’ve used will be something our clients watch closely.  It’s this attention to detail that will make the difference between a regular client and a one-time client.
  • Supplying tools of the trade – Having your own equipment is important.  Being comfortable with your tools and not having to search through the client’s kitchen will save time, allowing you to focus your efforts on preparing their recipes.  We will provide you with a list of required and recommended equipment including items such as knives, cutting boards, measuring cups/spoons, can opener, basic kitchenware (e.g. spatulas, mixing spoons, etc.), meat and oven thermometer, food processor (optional), hand blender, non-permanent sharpie marker (for labeling).  Larger items like pots, pans, cookie sheets, mixing bowls, storage containers, etc., are the client’s responsibility.  If a client has severe allergies, we recommend to them that they provide and layout, for your convenience, all of their own equipment and kitchenware.
  • Uniform – We believe, and we’re sure clients would agree, a clean and professional image is crucial.  We require that you wear your FreshCooks uniform (hat, jacket and pants) at every client booking.
  • Requirements and certification – As part of our value statement to our clients, we meticulously select our FreshCooks Chefs, providing extra assurance and additional levels of security.

During the application process, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Food safety certification – A recent food handling certificate from your jurisdiction.
  • Reference checks – Both personal and professional record checks will be conducted and considered.
  • Criminal record check – A recent criminal record and child abuse registry check, obtained from your local police or RCMP detachment.

Upon joining the team, you will require:

  • Business liability insurance – We have arranged a group rate with our insurance underwriters to offer you liability coverage necessary, while in clients’ homes.
  • Workers' compensation coverage – You’ll need this coverage as well.

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You’re invited to check out the many supports we offer our chefs as well as a full job description.  If you’re interested in becoming a FreshCooks Chef, please take a few minutes and fill out our FreshCooks on-line application.
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