Marketing Support

At FreshCooks, the only way we are successful is if you are successful.  We’ve meticulously built a web-based management and support system for dealing with client bookings as well as developing tools to help you market your independent business.

We help you jump-start your marketing!To help you get started quickly and easily, we do our best to provide you with many innovative marketing support tools and give you on-line access to a number of templates including:

  • Promotional coupons – Like with many new businesses or services, sometimes getting someone to try it can be challenging.  As well as attracting new clients, we also understand the value of retaining existing ones.  To provide you with flexibility to do both, we’ve developed new client programs and enabled you to offer your own customer loyalty and referral programs for existing clients.  Each of these programs gives your clients a discount on a future booking as a token of your appreciation.  You set and manage the criteria for your own program.  As proven business builders, our coupon, gift card and loyalty programs get clients as enthusiastic about FreshCooks as we are.
  • 4”x6“ Postcards – Simply upload your photo and information about who you are, your hobbies, interests, where you’ve trained and your specialties to our print-material supplier and you have marketing materials that highlight your personal brand.
  • Business cards – With our easy-to-use on-line ordering process, you can have your FreshCooks business cards ready for use within a few days.
  • Notepads – Leave behind notes to your clients, if you wish, with these personalized notepads containing your contact information.
  • Profile – Your FreshCooks home page displays your personal profile, offering even more information about yourself.  Let FreshCooks clients know more about your talents and passions.  You can even upload a video of you demonstrating your masterful skills in the kitchen if you’d like.
  • Create menus – For your clients’ convenience, you’ll also create a variety of skillfully crafted menus for your website homepage, showcasing your specialties.  Recognizing that many clients are pressed for time, this business development tool allows clients to choose your services easily and quickly proceed to checkout with a menu you’ve put together, rather than taking the time to browse through our extensive offerings of recipes on our site and build their own.  This is a thoughtful way to encourage potential clients to book appointments.

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