About Us

FreshCooks is a healthy, convenient and affordable in-home chef service, providing you with the preparation of up to a week’s worth of meals for just $120.00, created in your kitchen at your convenience, by a chef of your choice.

You purchase the ingredients, so you control the quality and freshness of what goes into your dishes.  As an added convenience, we also offer you the opportunity to have your ingredients delivered from our preferred grocer, if available in your area.  With four-hours of preparation, cooking and cleanup time, this revolutionary service leaves you more time to enjoy life.

What are the benefits of using FreshCooks?

We believe in preparing your recipes in your kitchen because there are significant benefits, such as:

  • Unmatched convenience – Our friendly, talented chefs make fresh and delicious dishes for you in your own kitchen, at a time that works for you.  We leave you one less “I have to” in your day and the time and energy to do more important things.
  • Mouth-watering selection – Get out of your culinary rut and try something more inspiring.  Explore different types of food from around the world and enjoy a culinary adventure without having to leave the comfort of your home.  Our Executive Chef manages and offers you an extensive collection of tasty recipes.  You have the freedom of customizing many of our recipes depending on your tastes and dietary preferences or choosing from our many lifestyle recipes.  We also invite you to join our growing community and contribute your family favorites to our selection of recipes. 
  • Freshness and quality – You are responsible for purchasing all of the ingredients required to complete your recipes, so you control the freshness and quality of what goes into them.  As an added convenience, we also offer you the opportunity to have your ingredients delivered from our preferred grocer, if available in your area.
  • More flexibility – You create a menu or choose from an existing one.  Then, you pick the chef and select the date and time.  All of this and more are yours to decide, using our FreshCooks Ordering System.
  • We clean up too! – Our chefs clean up after themselves once they have finished preparing all of your dishes.
  • Food Safety – Our chefs are trained in and practice the highest standards of food safety and handling.
  • Many ways to use our service We understand that you may have different reasons for wanting to use the services of our chefs.  Whether you are having a dinner party for twelve, an intimate dinner for two or just a number of family meals freshly prepared in your home, we are happy to accommodate your needs.
  • Seniors Service - We recognize that Seniors may have different requirements based on lifestyle and might not require as large a menu.  This is why we offer clients over 65 years of age a three-hour service for a reduced rate of $90.00 per booking, a savings of 25%.