Our History

The idea came out of necessity.

I’m like many of you:  a parent with a career, two busy young kids and never enough time at the end of a typical day. The last thing I want to do at the end of a hectic day of work, battling nightmare traffic congestion on the way home, and taking my kids to and from their activities is having to decide “What am I going to cook for dinner when we get home?”  Add in a trip to the grocery store for good measure, standing in line at the check-out plus an evening’s worth of homework with the kids still to go, I’m exhausted and ready to collapse into bed.

I find cooking a real hassle and a task I’d like to live without.  However, I love having my choice of fresh, healthy meals, which are both costly and hard to find at restaurants.  Take-out, delivery and fast food establishments are not a favorable option.  That’s why I created FreshCooks for those of you, who like me, are looking for an affordable and convenient option that provides a delicious and healthy variety of meals.

Just imagine coming home to a week’s worth of meals prepared for only $120.00.

Just imagine being able to have more time to enjoy your life by not having to cook a daily meal.

Want to get rid of an “I have to” in your life?  Try our FreshCooks service.

Danny Swidinsky